The Depression and The Fight

As I sit on the porch and watch the world go by, I sit with my world standing still. My depression takes control of me. I could express myself but there are no words that could explain the way I feel. I know I feel empty most days. Like I have to force a smile,a laugh, my fake happiness. Most people would ever guess that because from the outside it doesn’t exist but deep down it is drowning me. I wake up feeling nothing and go to bed  feeling the same. Then repeat that exact same emotionless reaction to the world the next day. Sometimes I feel like there is no escape from it. Some days it feels like the norm for me. But it’s my choice if I will let it bury me. Let it take the best of me. So I will put my gloves on and fight it until it’s knocked out. Until I win this fight. Until I can smile from joy again.


One thought on “The Depression and The Fight

  1. That’s the way to go, the best to fight in my personal experience since I suffered as well and get out of it, not 100% but 80% of the time in the year I would say is by doing 3 things only:

    – Stop taking pill 1st and foremost.
    – Get yourself hooked with God, the more you place completely and utterly to Him, to whatever your faith is. The more stronger you get out of it. The more trust you put on any human the more issues will start. I have a big time issue, with trust. I can’t trust anyone not even myself.

    A person with whom I am near by, does a small act it breaks my heart and trust. I am that kind of person.

    So have faith on God rather than anyone!

    3) Never be alone, occupy yourself, express yourself in anyway possible. Be it writing cooking painting art or anything as long as you flush out


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