Just Breath

Life is an unexpected journey. It will lead you to blissful moments and take a turn to tragic stages of your life. In the blink of an eye,your life can drastically change. There will be times of failure, but you can learn from them. There will be heart breaks ,but you can heal from them. There will be tears of sadness and tears of joy. Life is for you take pleasure in. The only way to make it through life is with positivity. Even when the times get tough, there will always be a way. You can make it through. Trying is the only way to succeed. Learn to love  yourself and others. Learn to walk away. Stop holding grudges. Forgive and forget. Try to find beauty in everyone you meet and give everyone a chance. Don’t live your life being stubborn,cold hearted. You will only make yourself miserable. Smile daily and love plenty. And you when life does get tough and unmanageable, just take a deep breath and choose a different path until you find the one that is meant for you.


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