Stepping Stones

These past few months, I have been going through some struggles. I’m in that I take one step forward end up going ten steps back phase in my life. No matter how hard I try or what I do I can’t break out of it. I will feel like everything is fine and dandy then get hit by something from the side that’s completely unexpected. So I wonder some days do I work so hard in life just for this to happen, or should I slow my paceand just keep moving forward without straining myself? It’s hard to say what direction to take because when I try my best to be stepping on my own feet sometimes. So I’m just going. Trying. I may not sleep at night but at least I know my next step by morning. Life can be wonderful and then be too much for the human body and mind. But I keep moving forward. Keep finding my way. Keep trying. I may have not found the solution to life but I found a way to make it through the best I can. I may slip on my stepping stone pat but I keep jumping from stone to stone.


My Little Bundles of Joy

Since you came into my life last December, you two have brought me so much happiness. You climb things when your not suppose to. Get into things that aren’t yours. You may be a hand full when I constantly chase after you. But since you have entered my life you have brought me happiness. You make me laugh when you do the oddest things. And when you want to cuddle it makes me melt. I try to spoil you with toys so you have a happy life to live. You two have been such a blessing to my dim life. Thank you little ferrets, you are the greatest furbabies a person can have.