A beautiful person is usually defined as an idealistic image of someone’s external being. But how can you judge someone on their beauty from just the outside. Being beautiful for me is someone who can make a person smile when they can barely smile themselves. Someone who has confidence in themselves even when others dont. Someone who sees the postive in everything and everyone. Somebody who gives to others when they don’t have much of their own. Someone who cares deeply. Loves unconditionally. Someone who has faith in the world. A person filled with beauty has a tender heart. They have a beautiful soul. And are a beautiful being.


Don’t hold back

Everyone has excuses. Everyone has their desires. But usually they can’t fulfill their desires because they make excuses not to. They want to skydive ,but it’s too dangerous. They want to go to school to pursue their dream career but it they might not graduate. They want love but don’t want to become broken hearted. People always make excuses not to do what they want. STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Just do it. Don’t think about it. Just say this is what I want and follow through. Don’t take your own chance away. You are the only one who can stop you. You are your best support and encourage youself to step forward. Not to hesitate. Live your life. Be happy.

Just Breath

Life is an unexpected journey. It will lead you to blissful moments and take a turn to tragic stages of your life. In the blink of an eye,your life can drastically change. There will be times of failure, but you can learn from them. There will be heart breaks ,but you can heal from them. There will be tears of sadness and tears of joy. Life is for you take pleasure in. The only way to make it through life is with positivity. Even when the times get tough, there will always be a way. You can make it through. Trying is the only way to succeed. Learn to love  yourself and others. Learn to walk away. Stop holding grudges. Forgive and forget. Try to find beauty in everyone you meet and give everyone a chance. Don’t live your life being stubborn,cold hearted. You will only make yourself miserable. Smile daily and love plenty. And you when life does get tough and unmanageable, just take a deep breath and choose a different path until you find the one that is meant for you.

Embracing Love

You see so many people fall in and out of relationships. Treat them like a daily routine than a life time commitment. You see them throw a good thing away not truly enduring their bond. You see people hurt and get hurt. But when you are giving the opportunity and you embrace it,it’s such a amazing experience. To love someone so much you feel like you could explode like a firework. To not only get butterflies at the beginning but even years after. To look at someone and not see anyone else around you but them.  To smile uncontrollably because of the thought of them. To always feel young while with them. There is no better feeling to have someone who is not only your lover but your best friend, your companion. You feel comfortable in their embrace and melt away with their kiss. You feel like you found the end of the rainbow and there was a pot of gold just for you. It’s hard to explain love. You are never sure that you feel it until you have deeply felt it. You can go through a marriage and assume you are in love but to only find out it’s not. Then you can find someone later only to go “Oh! This is what love is!” It’s a treasure that everyone deserves to find and I hope that those who haven’t, get that good fortune one day. To get the chance to feel something that there is not enough words to explain the feeling.

The Simple Things

So many people take for granted the small moments in life. They only see what they don’t have or can’t have or who has more. How can someone not appreciate a beautiful rainbow,bright like the sun on a rainy day. Or a butterfly resting so silently and elegantly on a flower. The laugh of a child. Smile from a loved one. The light breeze on a hot day ,a faint reminder life is real and you can feel it in your skin. There is so much ugly in this world. It’s the simple things that makes everything alright. Never take anything for granted. There is so much to love. So much beauty to take in.

Growing Wiser

So another birthday has passed and as I watch myself grow, I have realized how much has changed. As I aged a year younger, I look at mself now and how I react to life now compared to my previous years. I went through hardships,heart breaks, times of weakness and times of pure joy. But as I aged I realize that I use to overreact. Cry uncontrollably for hours after getting hurt. Have breakdowns if life gets too much to endure. Ignoring the ones I loved if I  didn’t like what they hear instead of taking the constructive criticism. I never realized when I was younger that reacting the way I did only made my life even harder to bare. I’ve learned to get rid of the toxins in my life and within myself. To find solutions instead of give up. To let go of the ones who hurt and walk away with my head held high. To listen to what others may suggest because I could be doing things wrong. To learn to deal with situations with a calmer manner than to stress out. I learned to live my life with more confidence. More opened minded. I don’t need  all the money in the world, I don’t need fame,I don’t  need pocessions, because my own self worth is enough. My own life is enough. Life is short they say. I understand that now.

The Depression and The Fight


As I sit on the porch and watch the world go by, I sit with my world standing still. My depression takes control of me. I could express myself but there are no words that could explain the way I feel. I know I feel empty most days. Like I have to force a smile,a laugh, my fake happiness. Most people would ever guess that because from the outside it doesn’t exist but deep down it is drowning me. I wake up feeling nothing and go to bed  feeling the same. Then repeat that exact same emotionless reaction to the world the next day. Sometimes I feel like there is no escape from it. Some days it feels like the norm for me. But it’s my choice if I will let it bury me. Let it take the best of me. So I will put my gloves on and fight it until it’s knocked out. Until I win this fight. Until I can smile from joy again.