The Depression and The Fight


As I sit on the porch and watch the world go by, I sit with my world standing still. My depression takes control of me. I could express myself but there are no words that could explain the way I feel. I know I feel empty most days. Like I have to force a smile,a laugh, my fake happiness. Most people would ever guess that because from the outside it doesn’t exist but deep down it is drowning me. I wake up feeling nothing and go to bed  feeling the same. Then repeat that exact same emotionless reaction to the world the next day. Sometimes I feel like there is no escape from it. Some days it feels like the norm for me. But it’s my choice if I will let it bury me. Let it take the best of me. So I will put my gloves on and fight it until it’s knocked out. Until I win this fight. Until I can smile from joy again.