Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

“Not all those who wonder are lost” is my favorite quote from my favorite series of books. If you know what they are we can be friends. I loved the quote so much I have it tattooed on my shoulder to remind me that it defines me. Everyone one has goals,desires,dreams. So did I. But my problem is they really never stay the same. They are ever changing like someone’s clothes. I always have a set path. A direction I am going. But as I go along,something may catch my attention. I know I should probably stick to my original way, but the other is appealing. I may not know what way im going , but I know where I am going to be.


Growing Wiser

So another birthday has passed and as I watch myself grow, I have realized how much has changed. As I aged a year younger, I look at mself now and how I react to life now compared to my previous years. I went through hardships,heart breaks, times of weakness and times of pure joy. But as I aged I realize that I use to overreact. Cry uncontrollably for hours after getting hurt. Have breakdowns if life gets too much to endure. Ignoring the ones I loved if I  didn’t like what they hear instead of taking the constructive criticism. I never realized when I was younger that reacting the way I did only made my life even harder to bare. I’ve learned to get rid of the toxins in my life and within myself. To find solutions instead of give up. To let go of the ones who hurt and walk away with my head held high. To listen to what others may suggest because I could be doing things wrong. To learn to deal with situations with a calmer manner than to stress out. I learned to live my life with more confidence. More opened minded. I don’t need  all the money in the world, I don’t need fame,I don’t  need pocessions, because my own self worth is enough. My own life is enough. Life is short they say. I understand that now.