Embracing Love

You see so many people fall in and out of relationships. Treat them like a daily routine than a life time commitment. You see them throw a good thing away not truly enduring their bond. You see people hurt and get hurt. But when you are giving the opportunity and you embrace it,it’s such a amazing experience. To love someone so much you feel like you could explode like a firework. To not only get butterflies at the beginning but even years after. To look at someone and not see anyone else around you but them.  To smile uncontrollably because of the thought of them. To always feel young while with them. There is no better feeling to have someone who is not only your lover but your best friend, your companion. You feel comfortable in their embrace and melt away with their kiss. You feel like you found the end of the rainbow and there was a pot of gold just for you. It’s hard to explain love. You are never sure that you feel it until you have deeply felt it. You can go through a marriage and assume you are in love but to only find out it’s not. Then you can find someone later only to go “Oh! This is what love is!” It’s a treasure that everyone deserves to find and I hope that those who haven’t, get that good fortune one day. To get the chance to feel something that there is not enough words to explain the feeling.